Managing director

Turning great ideas into business

The door to CleanTech energy production was widely and irreversible opened in the first decade of this century due to the hike and volatility of crude oil prices. The improved efficiency of technologies aiming to produce energy from renewable sources boosted CleanTech to a competitive level compared to fossil-based energy production. The growing comprehension for the development of energy cost and the increasing demand for energy efficiency offer a huge business potential for Celanx.

Celanx combines more than 30 years experience in the field of energy with an extensive expertise in commercialization. Both, the technical competence and the understanding of CleanTech opportunities turn great ideas into business.

I have had so far the privilege to work for more than 18 years in high-technology driven companies with high exposure to energy cost. Project management experience from shaping competitive and establishing sustainable industrial structures around the globe is my valuable contribution to develop Celanx business opportunities. Celanx focuses on leading technologies and occupies an unique position to promote highly efficient and cost competitive CleanTech solutions.