Operations Services

Production Monitoring

Up-to-date technologies enable an online monitoring of your energy production via Web-access, Email-notifications or text messages on your mobile device. Permanent monitoring helps avoid loss of production.

Emergency Support

In case of forced damages, instant replacement of damaged parts is necessary to maintain energy production. Our installers have high availability, will evaluate the actual situation on short notice and replace damaged parts from stocks.

Periodic Maintenance and Guarantee-extension

Your installation is exposed to the elements and seasonal effects. To ensure long-term satisfaction, highest technical availability and production levels we have developed three different service level concepts to offer the required periodic maintenance service for all components and to extend guarantee period. 


Insurance companies offer nowadays an appropriate portfolio of policies to cover the specific risks from energy production with PV.

  • 3rd party liability
  • All risks coverage
  • Production below guarantee
  • Loss of production (business interruption)
  • Loss of certificates
  • Price increase

PV Module cleaning Service

As part of the operational management for PV power plants, we offer osmotic cleaning of the PV modules with our semi-automatic cleaning robot. Our semi-automatic cleaning robot offers wet and dry cleaning of the PV modules. We clean roofs, ground-mounted systems and carports with module inclinations of up to 25 degrees. Depending on the value of the kilowatt hour, customers benefit from cleaning from as little as 5% soiling of the PV module. We want to protect your renewable installations and maintain your energy yields.